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Fast List Mailer Review

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One of the best ways I find to get quick free traffic back to my websites is using list builders.

Today I want to introduce you to a list builder I’ve been using since March of 2014 called Fast List Mailer.

Fast List Mailer has a number of ways that you can get traffic back to your website including banner ads, Login ads, Text links, and site of the day.

These are all great little ways to drive traffic to your website, but the main feature of Fast List Mailer is of course the mailer itself.

As of right now Fast List Mailer has a little over 1,800 members. Now that might not sound like a whole lot, but the site is very active and that’s what is most important when it comes to list builders and viral mailers is how active the members are.

The more active the membership then the more response you’ll get when you send out a email.

Here are the stats of the last few emails I’ve sent out at Fast List Mailer.

Fast List Mailer

As you can see my emails are getting anywhere from 70-90 clicks. For a mailer with just 1,800 members that is a very good click rate.

So if your looking for a place to help get more traffic to your site I recommend Fast List Mailer. It’s been around since March, but it’s still very active and judging by how things are going I believe it will continue to stay pretty active.

EZ Capture Page Review

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EZ Capture Page

Creating lead capture pages can be difficult especially if you don’t really have any knowledge of how a lead page should look or what it should really even consist of.

Lead pages though play a HUGE role in most peoples online business. Collecting leads for most marketers is the life and blood of their business model and a high converting lead page is without a doubt a must.

I designed and created the EZ Capture Page system to help solve a few key issues I’ve noticed most people have.

Here are a few problems I see.

1. To many people use lead pages that hundreds if not thousands of other people use. The page then becomes old and stale and the optin rate drops off.

2. People don’t give value in return for the name and email they are collecting.

3. Most lead pages hard sell the new lead right away.

So how does EZ Capture Page solve these major issues?

First with the EZ Capture Page system you can choose from a number of free give away products.

So you’ll never have to worry about marketing the same page as other people and risk your lead page becoming old and stale.

Secondly each lead page offers a high value in demand product that your new subscribers will love and enjoy.

Your optin rate will increase and your subscribers will already have more trust in you since you gave them something helpful from the start.

Finally one of the biggest things in marketing online is staying in profit, and for most getting leads cost money.

So I’ve added in a small sales funnel.

Every time you collect a lead and give away a high quality product they are then shown a high converting one time offer page where they can pay a small fee to get even higher quality products.

The coolest part? This small payment is paid instantly to your PayPal account.

This will greatly help cut down on the cost of your marketing since you get 100% of the one time offer.

EZ Capture Page is free to join.

So if your not sure how¬† to make high converting lead capture pages or just want a system that does all the leg work for you then I highly recommend becoming a member. It’s free so you have nothing to lose.