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List Punk Review

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The other day when I was doing my normal marketing I kept coming across this site called List Punk. I must of saw it about 30 times in a signal day when going through the other list builders I use online.

I have to say the design and colors of the site really stuck out and popped and made me keep taking a second look.

I didn’t join List Punk right away when it first launched as usually I give list builders a few weeks. I like to think I can tell which list builders will be around a long time vs. the ones that might be OK right now but in a year be complete junk.

As of this post List Punk has already close to 1,000 members which isn’t bad considering it only launched at the start of the month. Now one reason I think this site will be good for years to come is the owner Ryan Hogan. He runs a number of other sites online and has a good track record of always producing quality products.

OK lets get to the good stuff MY STATS!


The above are the 2 emails I’ve sent out with List Punk. I’m a free member because right now that’s all I need. Once I reach my mailing limit of 1,000 I’ll upgrade my account so I can continue to mail the most members as I can.

My first email got 81 clicks and got a decent amount of new fresh signups to my list. Was very pleased with the response.

Now my second email only got 48 clicks but I sent that email less then 24 hours ago so I believe it will get some more clicks.

Either way though the leads I got where still good and that’s what counts when it comes to list builders and building your list.

Clicks are nice but results are 10x better as that’s whats going to put money in your pocket :)

I think List Punk will continue to grow and be another list builder I use for years. If your looking for a good solid place to post your emails at and help grow your list I’d recommend becoming a member.

You can join for free, but I would think about upgrading. From what I’ve seen the prices are for lifetime accounts and are very affordable, and anytime you can grab a quality traffic source for LIFE I always tell people to jump on it, because traffic is the key to your business.