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Clixsense – No Results

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The other day I decided to test out a new PTC site called Clixsense. I never really liked these sites for getting traffic as usually the traffic is junk, but a while back I had some good results with traffic I purchased from NerdBux.

However when I went back to buy more traffic from NerdBux I found out something happened to it and it was under new ownership and has seemed to taken a turn for the worse.

So with NerdBux gone I wanted to test out a new PTC site and see if I could maybe get the type of results I’ve got before.

There are a TON of Pay To Click sites if you just look in Google. So after looking around I went with one of the more well known PTC sites Clixsense.

I paid $8.80 for 5,000 credits. I picked to have my ad run as normal for 15 seconds which would get me 1,000 hits.

ClixSense Stats







This is the same ad I ran in NerdBux that pulled in some good results. I didn’t know what to expect  but I thought at the least I would maybe get 3-5 new signups. The ad finished running in just a few hours time which I thought was pretty fast even though I had the ad set on the slow speed setting.

The clicks came and went and when I looked at my stats for the site I was promoting 0 signups.

I have to admit I was a little shocked I didn’t get at least 1 signup. I also had my ad targeted to just run to people in the US. So I thought this would help with conversions, which as you can see didn’t seem to help at all.

Overall I might try another PTC site or maybe even ClixSense one more time with a different ad, but in the back of my head I know its probably not a good idea as these sites for the most part do not deliver good results most of the time.