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Do Safelists Really Work?

Chris 2 Comments

One of the questions I see a lot are “Do Safelists Really Work?”.

The other day I was browsing Google and I came across a form that was discussing this exact topic.

To answer this question simply is YES safelists in fact DO WORK.

I think what scares most people away from safelists is what they hear from others, and most likely these people aren’t even members of any safelists and are just going off by what others have told them.

I’m personally a member of over 30 different free safelist sites.

Sure like any business not all of them preform the same, but they get results plain and simple.

Need proof? Here is just a small amount of upgrades I’ve sold to a site I’m apart of. The sales I was able to make ranged from anywhere from $5 up to $37. Again I could easily list 100+ of these but this is just a VERY small amount of sales just to show you safelists do work.

Safelist Sales

So looking at the above you can see I sold Platinum, Elite, and JV Partner memberships. If you look on the right hand side you’ll see where the sale came from. I did my best to highlight it in yellow.

Marketing to a safelist does take a little more work, but if your willing to put in a extra 20 minutes per day they can definitely produce a little extra income for you.

I think one of the main keys to making sales with safelists is knowing what they want, and usually its some type of way to get more traffic. So I tend to market traffic products/programs just like I did to get the sales you see above.

So if you see someone out there telling you that safelists do not work you can tell them they are 100% incorrect.