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With Smart Safelist advertising members use credits to send e-mails to the list, this means you can almost guarantee your message is going to be seen and read by someone who is looking for some type of business. The more credits you earn, the more e-mails you can send to the safelist and the more eye’s you’ll have looking at your offer.

As a free safelist member you can also use our regular mailer. This allows you to still email to our list even if you have no credits left. This is a very popular feature, and most of the other safelists online don’t offer this option.

We also offer quality member support. If you have any problems or trouble we help resolve your problem in a timely fashion. Unlike other safelists which can take days even weeks to reply back to you. We put our members first!

Smart Safelist is growing at an extraordinary rate allowing for you to consistently contact new opportunity seekers every single day.

Members who upgrade to our exclusive membership will get insider secrets on other free safelists and how to effectively utilize safelists to market their business. We actually encourage the use of other free safelists, but it’s important to know which ones have the most high quality list and we’ve already figured that out for you.


"I'm very impressed with every aspect of Smart Safelist. It's easy to use, the support is second to none, the resources available to you are excellent, and most importantly it works!"

Mark Everett

"I am a member and promoter of many different safelists on the internet and I believe that Smart Safelist has set a new standard of excellence for all otheres to follow. There are many ways to earn credits and market your offers to the list."

Shawn Womica

"Though I have been using Smart Safelist for only a relatively short time, I have to say that I have found them very quick and efficient in how they go around their business"

Colin Gill

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